for those who don’t understand portuguese!

Yoga Classes in English EVERY MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS AT 10 A.M. AND FRIDAY AT 11 a.m.

But you can follow the Yoga classes in Portuguese too! All teachers speak English so they cangive you orientation and correct the techniques.

  • We have drop-in classes!
  • You don’t need to bring a Yoga Matt. The Practice room floor is covered with a matt.
  • Just be at the right hour, don’t need to come earlier. Classes start 10 minutes after the hour (example:  11:10 a.m.)
  • We teach Traditional Yoga (Yoga Sámkhya). Check out below what technical disciplines we do on a Yoga Sámkhya Class.


     Increase Your Joy of Living —

 Yoga Sámkhya is the traditional and total Yoga using all Technical Disciplines of Yoga (14) in the Mahá Sádhaná, a practice with 14 Anga or parts. The traditional Yoga Technical Disciplines are:

  1. Dhyána/Samyama (Samádhi) – Meditation through the control of the brain waves frequency;
  2. Pránáyáma –Energetic and neurovegetative breathing exercises;
  3. Ásana– Psycho-bio-physical positions;
  4. Yoganidrá –Physical, emotional and mental relaxation techniques;
  5. Kriyá – Organic cleansing and strengthening;
  6. Mantra – Domain of sounds, vibration and harmony; Kírtana – External sounds;
  7. Jápa Tala – Rythmic concentrative sounds;
  8. Jápa Shesha – Continuous and elevating sounds;
  9. Bandha–Muscular and neuro-endocrinal dynamics;
  10. Yantra – Concentrative symbols with psychosomatic effects;
  11. Pújá – Energetic repayment;
  12. Mudrá – Reflexive and energetic gestures made with the hands;
  13. Nyása – Energetic touch and psychic projection;
  14. Mánasika – Mentalization, will strengthening and projection of the conscience.

Yoga Sámkhya promotes health – it is prophylactic, strengthens the immune system and provides exceptional flexibility and resistance allowing for extremely fast physical recovery.

Yoga Sámkhya strongly combats stress, provides top-quality night’s sleep and stimulates the endocrine system keeping a constant feeling of happiness and self-confidence.

At the ÁSHRAMA CASCAIS – Yoga Center  you will find a team of Yoga Teachers waiting for your visit. We are an associated Áshrama of the Portuguese Yoga Confederation, founded and oriented by the Great Yoga Master Jagat Guru Amrta Súryánanda Mahá Rája.

Visit Us!



Centro do Yoga - Áshrama cascais

Avenida 25 de Abril, Nº890
1º andar, loja B
2750-512 CASCAIS

Telefone: 214 866 048
Telemóvel: 938 702 688

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Avenida 25 de Abril, nº 890 - 1º B, 2750-512 (Cascais)